AARP Love and Relationship Ambassador, Pepper Schwartz, PhD., discusses how give your relationship a ‘checkup’ and provide tips on how to keep the spark alive.

Relationships, just as annual physical and prescription refill, need an annual check-up as well – whether dating in mid-life or in a long-term relationship. With so many distractions out there, it can be hard for couples to communicate and put a spark back into their relationship. While there’s no cut-and-paste recipe for intimacy, couples can prepare for the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that come with age. It’s important to assess if both partners’ needs are being met and understood.

Some of Pepper’s tips include:
· Disconnect! Turn off your TV & cell, forget about your work stress, and take time away from your kids and pets. Focus on communicating with your partner and spending quality time together.
· Prepare for romance. Plan date night and weekends away. Try new things, from massage to music and finger food.
· Touch, hug and hold hands. Kiss differently at least 2x per day.
· Hormonal swings and depleting estrogen from pregnancy to menopause can cause discomfort, but there are simple solutions.

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