This week, on a fun-filled Coffee With America, host Sasha Rionda has tips for all of you desiring to live your best life! Dr. Keri Peterson shares tips on how moms and moms-to-be can be healthy before and after baby arrives. Plus, DJ Khaled is sharing his Weight Watchers experience with the world, when he hits the road with Khaled’s Kitchen. Speaking of kitchens, if you have things in the kitchen or anywhere in the house that you want to de-clutter, consider selling what you don’t need (and buying what you do) with Facebook Marketplace. Lifestyle Expert Robyn Moreno has the details on that. And, professional contractor Anthony Carrino weighs in with some simple tasks you can do in your home to add style and value. We also share facts on how you can help people in developing nations get clean water with the World Vision 6k. And, style expert Lauren Nally explains how the National Prom Day organization is helping deserving kids enjoy the prom night of their dreams. We also detail how you can enjoy fun art projects with The Giggling Pig art boxes. So much to see and do, just click and watch this episode of Coffee With America for all you need to know!

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